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Protect and grow your wealth by passively investing in high-performing real assets that provide tax-savings, financial security, and generational freedom.


Reap the benefits of your investment by receiving consistent performance updates, financial distributions, and priority access to future deals.


Join like-minded investors who are on a mission to keep Main Street investing ON Main Street while solving our tax problems and securing a bright future for our family and friends.

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Match Real Asset Partners LLC is an investment syndication company with a goal to partner with successful operators to provide private placement investments in assets that are expected to provide double-digit returns on invested capital as well as tax benefits that passive investors can use to minimize their tax burden.

In addition, Match Real Asset Partners is continually working on developing investments in real assets within the energy industry, clean environments, the bitcoin mining space and in various real estate markets, including leisure, assisted living and short-term rentals.  We expect to be able to offer investments in these assets as we find strong operating partners and ways to structure the deals to benefit our investors.

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The Difference Between Main Street and Wall Street Investing

There are many ways to invest, and understanding the tax code is essential in learning what to invest in and how it can help you reduce your taxes, and the Main Street way of investing through alternative investment opportunities can preserve wealth and produce passive cash flow.




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