Why The Modern World Needs Helium

Posted at March 29, 2023 Posted In Helium, Investing, Taxes

Helium is one of the rarest elements on Earth and the demand for this resource is higher than ever before.

The U.S. is the world’s largest helium producer and provides 40 percent of the world’s supply — but issues in vital reserves and government policies have dwindled supply.

Match Real Asset Partners will contribute to the growing privatization of U.S. Helium industry. In line with this global supply crisis, we have a syndicated fund that would allow us to become a private supplier.

Providing helium for present and future demand


Helium is an essential element used in a wide range of applications. Its uses range across verticals in science and technology such as:

… producing high-capacity computer hard drives

… manufacturing semiconductor chips for digital devices and fiber optic cables for cable and Wi-Fi

… diagnosing health conditions through medical technology.

With so many applications, a solution must be found to keep up with the current outstanding demand — and in preparation for the future need of this commodity.

Join us as we leverage the high demand for helium in science, technology, and areas of national interest through our Helium Equity Fund.

In this Fund, we will be purchasing a natural gas field with high concentrations of helium and will invest in the cryogenic processing equipment to separate the helium to get it to market.

We will own mineral rights for the field and the production wells, which gives us a working interest in the production of natural gas, so all our equipment depreciation, as well as intangible drilling costs.

MRAP will be able to pass these tax deductions to our investors who will be able use them to offset taxable ordinary income, including W-2 and 1099 income.


Here’s an overview of what our Helium Equity Fund can offer you:

  • Multiple Years of Bonus Depreciation
  • Steady Cash Flow
  • Targeted Quarterly Distributions
  • Long Term Investment
  • High Demand
  • Owns Mineral Rights
  • Owns Production Wells
  • Owns Property
  • Maximizes multiple resources for Increased Profits

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