Meet the Team

Mark Livingston

Mark is a corporate executive and CPA with over 35 years of professional experience. After obtaining a degree in Accounting, Mark progressively gained more experience in various audit and accounting roles. Mark is currently the Chief Accounting Officer at a public company leading finance/accounting teams in multiple states and countries.

In 2015, Mark started investing outside Wall Street, primarily focusing on real estate targeting high yields and consistent cash flows. More recently, Mark has started focusing on projects and strategies that also provide tax advantages for high-earning professionals who are primarily W-2 and 1099 earners.

Eric-Shelly-HS (1)
Eric Shelly
Business Partner

Dr. Eric N. Shelly is an entrepreneur and investor. After earning a BA in Physics at Franklin & Marshall College and a DMD from the University of Pennsylvania, Eric established and grew a thriving multi-doctor, multi-office dental business which has prospered for three decades.

Eric sold his dental business and now focuses on sharing his skills, connections, knowledge, and opportunities with successful professionals. He and his team build and manage diversified strategic portfolios and projects targeting high yields, tax advantages, and equity growth and preservation.

Currently, Eric and his team are focusing on the clean energy technology space, where they have acquired over $50 million in assets over the past 2 years.

Mauricio Rauld
SEC Attorney

Mauricio is the founder and CEO of Premier Law Group, a premier boutique securities law firm. As a nationally recognized expert on private placements, Mauricio works with elite entrepreneurs who seek to increase and protect their wealth through syndications. Mauricio specializes in Reg D exempt offerings and educates investors from around the world on how to navigate the complex world of securities laws. Known for taking complex matters and making them simple to understand, Mauricio is sometimes, jokingly, referred to as one of the few lawyers who actually speaks English.

Craig Cody

As a Certified Tax Coach™, Craig belongs to a select group of practitioners throughout the country who undergo extensive training and continued education on various tax planning techniques and strategies in order to become, as well as remain, certified. With this organization, Craig has co-authored an Amazon best seller, Secrets of a Tax Free Life.

In addition to tax planning, Craig’s practice offers traditional tax services as well as off-site CFO services. Craig’s dedicated and passionate team is able to provide daily guidance and advice to business clients.

Staci Gray
Founder of Organize to Scale

Staci Gray and her team at Organize To Scale™ align with mission-driven leaders to develop strategic initiatives, provide operational disciplines and streamline day-to-day execution for quickly maximizing results.  We accomplish this by building strong processes and teams around clearly defined goals so that real estate syndicators can confidently raise capital, do deals and consistently produce profits for their investors. To learn more about Organize To Scale™, visit

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