How the Helium Industry is Affected by Geo-Politics

Posted at April 12, 2023 Posted In Helium, Investing, Taxes

The global helium shortage has become a growing concern in recent years as the world’s supply of this important gas has dwindled.

A rare and valuable resource, helium is used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, electronics, and aerospace. However, the supply of helium is limited and finite, as it is primarily extracted from natural gas reserves.

The demand for helium has also been increasing due to its unique properties, such as its low boiling point, which make it ideal for a range of applications.

This disparity between supply and demand, in addition to the closure of helium plants continues to prolong the ongoing Helium Shortage 4.0.

Equipped with extensive experience working in both the liquefied natural gas (LNG) and helium industries, Luke Manickham (Founder of LM Intelligas) elaborated on the current geopolitical state of the worldwide helium industry.

“It feels like the helium shortage will proceed to 2023,” he began. “The highly anticipated Irkutsk start-up and the Amur restart were supposed to give some breathing space to the helium world but there are delays and the unexpected war between Russia and Ukraine has further compounded the helium supply shortages.”


Image c/o NBC News

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