What will happen to America’s largest supply of helium?

Posted at February 23, 2023 Posted In Helium, Investing, Taxes

The fate of America’s largest supply of helium is up in the air.

For more than a year, the fate of the Federal Helium Reserve, one of the world’s largest and most dependable suppliers of helium, has been uncertain.

Through an act of Congress, the Federal Helium Reserve was supposed to be sold off in 2021. But the Bureau of Land Management delayed the sale.

The assets of the Federal Helium Reserve were handed over to the General Services Administration, which scheduled an auction for last year.

That sale has yet to materialize. (Read the full article by NBC News.)


What will happen to the U.S. Helium Supply?

There are growing concerns about what will happen to an already weakened supply, if the government sells the Federal Helium Reserve to a private entity.

The U.S. is experiencing the fourth in a series of helium shortages since 2006, according to helium consultant Phil Kornbluth.

“The world has experienced eight years of helium shortage in the last 17. It’s been a pretty unreliable supply chain,” he said, noting war in Ukraine has indefinitely disrupted Russia’s supply of helium to the global marketplace.

“The prices of helium in many cases have doubled since January 2022. Contract prices have increased 50 to 100%, in some cases, even more.”

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