Helium for Present and Future Science & Tech

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To the average consumer, helium gas is best-known for party balloons.

But for scientific purposes … helium is a vital element used in the fields of technology manufacturing, medical research, healthcare, aerospace, and national defense. Read on to learn why this commodity is in high demand.


High Demand for Helium in Science, Tech, and Industries of National Interest

Helium is an essential element used in a wide range of applications. Its uses range from producing high-capacity computer hard drives …. to manufacturing semiconductor chips for digital devices and fiber optic cables for cable and Wi-Fi … to diagnosing health conditions through medical technology.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is the world’s biggest consumer of helium, accounting for around 30% of global use as of 2021. Helium gas is used to cool the magnets in MRI machines, making it crucial to the proper functioning of this medical technology.

The average MRI machine requires about 1,700 liters of liquid helium that needs to be periodically replenished. It’s estimated that there are roughly 50 thousandmostly conventional, helium-cooled MRI scanners in use around the world today.

Without the helium required to cool the magnets, patients will not be able to receive MRI scans for early and definitive diagnoses of neurological disorders, cancer and a myriad of other serious health conditions.


High-Speed Internet & Heat Transfer Applications

Helium is used to cool down fiber optics, an essential tech for today’s high-speed internet. Fiber optics require an all-helium environment to prevent air bubbles from being trapped in the delicate fibers. Fiber optics are fragile and can break, which is why using helium is vital to the process.

The gas is also used to transfer heat away from semiconductor chips that make tablets, TVs, smartphones, and computers. By cooling the magnets, the helium actually transforms the magnet into a superconductor. Heat transfer applications use 9% of the worldwide helium production.

Helium is involved in the production or use of:

  • High-capacity computer hard drives
  • Semi-conductor chips for digital devices
  • Fiber optic cables for cable and Wi-Fi
  • Industrial & biomedical lasers
  • Cryogenic systems for particle accelerators
  • Medical diagnostic equipment i.e. MRI
  • Thermographic cameras and equipment
  • National defense applications
  • Surveillance craft & balloons
  • Rocket engine testing
  • Missile guidance systems

Aerospace & National Defense

Helium is considered a national strategic reserve material for its importance in defense technology. It is used for nuclear reactors and ballistic missiles as well as surveillance crafts, thermographic cameras, and communication devices used to monitor and gather intelligence.

Helium is also used by NASA and various private space companies for spacecraft and rocket processing and launch operations. It’s needed for purging hydrogen systems, as a pressurizing agent for ground and flight fluid systems, and as a cryogenic cooling agent.

Did you know that … NASA recently secured a $1B Deal with a Private Helium Supplier to provide 33 million litres of liquid helium and will lease six liquid helium pumps, for use at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Why Helium is Critical for Present and Future Technology

The demand for helium in both its liquid and gas forms is not letting up anytime soon. In fact, it’s logical to believe that demand will continue to ramp up …

As the trajectory of science, technology, and innovation increases exponentially so will the need for this element commodity, across its many uses.

The rate of technological progress has grown at an unprecedented pace over the last few decades. Here are some statistics that show by just how much …

4.95 Billion Internet Users as of 2023 … 93% of U.S. Adults Use The Internet

38.6 Billion IoT-Connected Devices by 2025 and 50 Billion by 2030

90% of the World’s Data Collected in Last Two Years

As we’ve established in our previous newsletters, the supply of helium is limited and has become a concern in recent years — making its production critical for future scientific and technological advancements.

These shortages have greatly impacted the helium market and created an imbalance with the supply-demand dynamic.

Helium prices are rapidly increasing… with no sign of significant change from major players like the U.S. government in the foreseeable future.

With so many applications, a solution must be found to keep up with the current outstanding demand… and in preparation for the future need of this commodity.

Join us as we leverage the high demand for helium in science, technology, and areas of national interest. MRAP will contribute to the growing privatization of the U.S. Helium industry.


Invest in a tax-incentivized solution for the helium supply crisis.

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