How to Effectively Invest in Ways that Could Reduce Taxes

Posted at August 31, 2022 Posted In Bitcoin, Helium, Investing

I’m often asked by prospects and current investors alike…

What drives your search for real assets to invest in and bring to your investors?

The answer is simple. You and I are looking for the same investment solutions.

I understand the personal finance concerns you might have— it’s the very things I’ve faced myself.

As much income as I was making as a Certified Public Accountant, I knew that there were more effective ways to manage my finances than what we are traditionally taught.

It took me several decades of learning and trial-and-error to be able to effectively invest in strategic ways that could reduce my taxes.

The Tax Code functions like an incentive system, if done right.

It will actually tell you the kinds of investments that get the most favored treatment such as:

  1. Real Estate — Residential and Business
  2. Energy — Oil & Gas, etc.
  3. Clean Environment — Carbon Capture and Sequestration

I’ve found many creative ways to receive passive income that have legally reduced my taxes paid out and helped me gain financial strength without Wall Street.

As you may have also experienced, there really aren’t many tax benefits to investing in the products that Wall Street offers. In fact, investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds may generally lead to higher taxes.

The tax-incentivized investments of Main Street can bring you closer than ever to your financial goals, build a legacy for your family, and help set you up for retirement.

What kind of real assets are you interested in?

That is the question that naturally follows.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” – Henry Kissinger

This quote represents a macro theme about what is most important in the world. Real World Assets that fit into these categories are what we look for:

Bitcoin Mining Fund

In the current crypto marketplace (as of August 2022), the cost of mining equipment is very low. This presents an opportunity to buy more equipment than if coin market prices were at higher levels.

Working with Stellar Forge Capital, Match Real Asset Partners will raise capital to purchase crypto mining machines to mine primarily bitcoin. Those bitcoin will be immediately sold and converted to USD. USD will be distributed to investors on a monthly basis.

Oil and Natural Gas Wells/Storage Caverns (Potential Assets)

The economy does not run without energy. Hydrocarbon energy provides the majority of the energy in the worldwide economy. The infrastructure supporting the hydrocarbon economy is so pervasive that it cannot be replaced very easily.

Therefore, Match Real Asset Partners is focusing on finding successful operators in this sector to create funds with certain assets that can provide investors with tax incentives, passive cash flow and help them maintain their wealth.

Now, I have a question for you: What drives your search for financial freedom?

Through my company, Match Real Asset Partners, I’m able to pursue bigger, syndicated investments and set goals that I never thought were possible at the start of my investing journey.

In 2021, I completed my first true syndicated investment with other people’s money. I raised $1.4 million of equity. In total, those investors received $2.8 million of tax depreciation to reduce their income tax burden and will receive over $3.9 million cash in return.

My next step, or next dream, is to make MRAP a bigger business and do more. We will find more ways to attract tens of millions of dollars per year because I’m confident that I can give my investors better returns than Wall Street, preserve their wealth, and give them tax benefits.

It’s my dream come true to be able to share the wealth-building knowledge that I’ve gained with you. My goal is to guide you towards your financial freedom as I actively go through my own journey. We’re in this together.

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