The Difference Between Main Street and Wall Street Investing

There are many ways to invest, and understanding the tax code is essential in learning what to invest in and how it can help you reduce your taxes, and the Main Street way of investing through alternative investment opportunities can preserve wealth and produce passive cash flow.

How To Create and Maintain Your Own Strategies

Mark Livingston, Founder of Match Real Asset Partners, shares how one of his investors used his investment in CO2 Scrubbers to grow his retirement income by finding a way to make the CO2 Scrubber fit within his financial strategy that he and his wife developed several years ago.

How To Create Retirement Income

Founder of Match Real Asset Partners, Mark Livingston, shares his story on using dividend-paying whole life policies to build retirement income. His goal to develop a financial strategy to fund a whole life policy, reduce his tax burden, and exponentially add to a future savings is mapped out in 9 basic steps.

Keep Climbing the Dream Ladder

Mark Livingston shares his journey to success, one filled with new beginnings and growth opportunities. Over a career of 25 years, he made his way up— as a Director of Internal Audit, Chief Accounting Officer, and finally, the Founder of his own company, Match Real Asset Partners.

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