Why Carbon Capture is Your Investment in the Future

Posted at January 11, 2023 Posted In Carbon Capture, Investing

As a long-time passive investor, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities that can produce great returns and significantly reduce my tax payout— this does just that plus an impactful added bonus.

It begins with “an inconvenient truth”, as the documentary of the same name goes …

Every year, global energy demand continues to rise. Driven by emerging economies and developing nations, total worldwide energy usage is expected to grow by nearly 50% by 2050.

What also rises is the existential threat of climate change caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. What happens when we fail to address this?

Human emissions may one day exceed nature’s ability to regulate CO2 — it’s precisely why Elon Musk recently offered up the largest X-Prize ever of $100M for the best new carbon capture technology.

Climate scientists say that capturing carbon, either before it enters the atmosphere or retrieving it once it does, is an impactful way to reverse the effects of climate change.

These pollutants would otherwise seep into the air and continue to contribute to global warming. No, this isn’t the plot of the latest Netflix sci-fi movie. This is our reality.

This is what makes Carbon Capture and sequestration methods a critical technology for our survival.

When you put your money towards Clean Energy, you can help support a healthy environment and make a truly sustainable, profitable investment.

As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, there is a market opportunity for companies investing in clean or renewable energy sources.

If you’d like to be a part of an investment that directly impacts the future of the world, join our Advance Notice List.

Issues of supply and demand bring opportunity

Our most popular investment solution provides quarterly payouts and tax deductions.

Patented CO2 NOMAD Mobile Carbon Capture Technology units pull the CO2 out of natural gas using a proprietary solvent. The saturated solvent can then be used for enhanced oil recovery.

Carbon capture and sequestration is in high demand as oil and gas companies are being pressured to lower their carbon footprint, maximize existing well production, and lower the cost of production.

Investors receive quarterly preferred returns and bonus depreciation which is deductible against ordinary or W2 income.

Learn more about Carbon Capture here.

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