Passively Build Your Retirement Fund

Posted at May 25, 2022 Posted In Retirement

Your Guide to Creating Retirement Income

With one 6-figure cash event, a Whole-Life Insurance Policy, and a Carbon Capture Investment.

For many individuals around my age, retirement is just around the corner…

But how many of us can confidently say that they’re fully-funded and ready to retire in comfort and peace of mind? If you had asked me almost a decade ago, I wouldn’t have raised my hand.

If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation now, let me share my experience with you.

So what changed? I made the decision to take my retirement seriously (plus all my other “big dreams” for that matter) and look into the different ways that I could turn my current income into a high-yielding, passive investment.

That desire to help myself has since turned into a passion for helping others like yourself find investment solutions that can reduce your tax burden, protect your wealth, and produce passive-cash flow.

In the last 2 years, I’ve studied the financial strategy called ‘Infinite Banking’ which is essentially, using dividend-paying whole life policies to build retirement income. You can learn more about this in a very short book called “Becoming Your Own Banker” by R. Nelson Nash.

Using this strategy, I wanted to accomplish three goals:

  1. Fund the whole life policy
  2. Reduce my tax burden
  3. Turn a future lump sum of cash into a passive cash flow for retirement

This is what I did to make it happen: I combined a future cash flow event (an expected $275,000 payout within the last 10 days of December 2021) with a new whole life policy and a tax-incentivized investment in carbon capture equipment* that would reduce my tax payout.

This completely funded a whole life policy that can produce significant tax-free cash flow from ages 70-95. For reference, I was 57 when I developed this financial strategy and planned it out.

*You can learn more about Carbon Capture Technology here.

By 2033, at age 70, this policy will be fully funded with only one cash input from me – the $275,000 cash flow event in December 2021. I am creating $100,000 of tax free cash for each of the years aged 70 to 95 and still have a small amount of net death benefit available at that time.

Disclaimer: This is a summary of the process I followed, using round numbers for simplicity. The scale could be different based on the cash flow events and age and health of the individual at the time of insurance underwriting of the policy. Consult with your own financial adviser.

If you’d like to learn more about exact figures, calculations, and policies behind this strategy, feel free to reach out to me.

I can guide you through your financial plans and see what investments are right for you. Fill out this Investor Questionnaire to get started or schedule a call with me here.

It’s never too early to plan for retirement and never too late to change for the future.

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